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Impact Awards - Digital Poverty
Digital Poverty in the spotlight at the Impact Awards.

April 2023

A genuine understanding of what it’s like to live with digital poverty – this is how judges described Digital Poverty Award winners Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, at last night’s Digital Leaders Impact Awards. Presenting the first award of the night, I was thrilled to see […]

Web 3.0 and the dark side of community

March 2023

As technology advances, so too do its applications and uses – and rapidly. In just over 20 years we have witnessed seismic shifts from Web 1.0, to 2.0, to 3.0. In the last decade  alone, Web 2.0 completely redefined how we digest information by transforming […]

Using artificial intelligence for social impact

July 2022

There’s a flurry of excitement about modern developments in artificial intelligence (AI). The arrival of powerful image generators, AI agents able to perform multiple tasks or seemingly (to some) sentient chatbots are an exciting prospect for data scientists that use machine learning to tackle big societal challenges in areas such […]

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