6 ways for Human Interaction at a distance

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Written by Louise Stokes, Director, Digital Leaders

Human beings are social creatures and as we all get used to remote working I am sure that you like me have experienced your fair share of ups and downs. However, we are lucky enough to live in an age where digital tools are freely and easily accessible to make this period of isolation one of discovery.  

As a person that favours human interaction to feel high energy, working from home has been an adjustment; and I know a lot of other people will be going through the same. The plus side is that most of us are feeling more and more comfortable about engaging online, and perhaps this is the push many people may have needed to really embrace some of the amazing digital tools out there.

I think it’s important we all embrace and continually spark our curiosity and search for tools that can make our lives easier. Likewise, do I think sharing them with our networks is important. So if you at any time are wishing or are looking for a specific application – Google it! I often find that the apps you wish for already exists. (you often aren’t the first person to wish for that tool).  

Below I’ve listed six of the main platforms and tools that I’ve been using for work, to keep in touch with colleagues, stay fit, and enjoy my evenings in. 

Google Hangouts

As a team that normally sits together on a block of desks, it has been a big adjustment to not be in constant conversation all day. We’ve already implemented Slack to replace internal email but we are now using the Google Hangouts function a lot more to have video discussions and collaborate on tasks. 

Companies like Google are these days offering free Google Hangout upgrades with their G Suite account. Plenty of other companies are also offering a free premium upgrade to access their services in this time of disruption and change.

Virtual Networking

We are excited to have our first Digital Leaders virtual lounge this Friday morning. We had 100 people sign up to visit the lounge in about 30 minutes on Tuesday. This virtual space will be a place where community members can network with each other around tables and connect with five other attendees at a time. Participants will also be able to move around the tables to network and listen to talks from the stage. 


Remember that YouTube is a fantastic source for fitness videos and mindfulness activities you can do from the comfort of your living room. It’s just a matter of searching for a meditation exercise or a yoga class. We have all of this content at our fingertips.


Because we are in lockdown, I’ve joined the app called Houseparty. It allows you to chat with friends in bigger groups than the usual one-to-one FaceTime. It is a nice light-hearted way to spend evenings talking with different groups of friends and family. The app also incorporates games and trivia. You can make it as interactive as you want.  


Tik-tok is an app that I’ve been using for just over a year, but in recent times it has proved to be a joyous, educational and creative platform that lets users be a part of a trending joke, meme or join in with dance trends. To balance the constant flow of serious information about coronavirus, I think having a fun and lighthearted online place to engage with others to be important.


At my household, we joined up to access Disney+ which is really exciting and lets us relive our childhood with TV shows and movies along with new offerings from National Geographic and Star Wars – a well-timed release!

These are my six suggestions. I hope you are already using or will try some of them out. I’m really keen to hear what tools are making your life easier for collaborating and communicating. If you’re signed up to the Digital Leaders Lounge on Friday, I look forward to seeing you there.

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