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The UK is fast becoming one of the world’s leading FinTech centres with innovation and growth in data analytics, payment models, mobile payments and alternative funding mechanisms being just some of them.

This year we saw the government reinforce the growing importance of FinTech with the appointment of a special envoy, Eileen Burbidge (now also chair of Tech City UK), charged with promoting and encouraging investment in London’s booming industry. The public sector is one area of payments that is innovating in this space and where the benefits of FinTech can be leveraged for the benefit of both Government and the citizen.

Nina Mohanty, Digital Leaders FinTech Contributor
Nina is a recent graduate of the Global Masters in Management at the London School of Economics. She is interested in all things FinTech from open banking to blockchain to AI in financial services. She’s an active member of the London FinTech community. Having worked previously in government, she’s passionate about digital inclusion and a champion of diversity.

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