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Data Analytics

Analytics provides public sector organisations with solutions by enabling them to make evidence-based business decisions. These improve both the efficiency and quality of services delivered, and encourage an enterprise wide view of the business rather than the traditional siloed approach.

Challenges include the restrictions on sharing data between departments and services and ensuring the right skills and funding are in place to realise innovative projects. Effective analytics requires deep industry and sector knowledge, broad functional capabilities, and a high degree of technical sophistication but the reward may be to solve the riddle of better, cheaper, tailored services through this smarter use of data.

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January 2017

On Friday 13 January, field vets, Digital, Data and Technology Services (DDTS) and Defra group digital technology teams came together to see the latest technology ideas to help people working in operations across the Defra group. The event followed visits to hunt kennels, a plant […]

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January 2017

At the Defra Data Function Unconference, Defra group CTO John Seglias, who is the SRO for the Data Programme, shared his thoughts on how data is used in Defra. Transcript: Hi, John. would you like to introduce yourself? I’m John Seglias, the Defra group Chief […]

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