From 5G connectivity to a National Assistive Technologies Test-Bed, our ambitious and innovative initiatives are forging a new direction to live, work and thrive in our connected, international city.

Already a world leader in digital technologies, our Smart City of Sunderland has prioritised three key themes for a dynamic, healthy and vibrant city to build a sustainable urban ecosystem of the future.

Our smart City Plan connects people to places – a decade of investment into social and digital transformation will accelerate city-wide improvements for generations to come.

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City of Sunderland
Sunderland’s year as the UK’s smartest city

January 2022

Dynamic. Healthy. Vibrant. Since being named the UK’s smartest city at the Digital Leaders 100 List 2020, Sunderland has continued on an upward trajectory in the development of digital capabilities across the city. 2021 has seen momentum gather and our journey has paved the way […]

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5G – Opening up a world of opportunities for primary school pupils

March 2020

Patrick Melia, chief executive at Sunderland City Council, explains the latest 5G initiative to augment learning experiences and opportunities for local pupils, teachers and parents.  With all the excitement surrounding 5G in the UK currently and the 5G projects delivering benefits to communities around the […]

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Strategy is vital if we are to deal with the public sector data tsunami

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During discussions at the recent Digital Leaders Cities Workshop, it’s clear that local government is facing a tsunami of data. The digital revolution, driven by technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), has resulted in more data being made available to councils than ever before, […]

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How can we fully realise the potential of 5G in local authorities?

February 2020

Recently Digital Leaders organised their first smart cities workshop, hosted by Wigan Council. The aim of the workshop, attended by senior digital leaders from Sunderland, Bristol, Manchester, and others was to showcase leading trends in smart cities, with a focus on IoT and 5G. Through […]

members of local government at DL Cities workshop
Digital leaders in the local government sector

February 2020

About the author: Mikko Lintunen worked more than 13 years at Nokia, where he headed for example global knowledge management programme, and at Microsoft, where he led the development of digital TV, books and news services. Five years ago he founded his own consultancy and […]

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