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Artificial Intelligence

It is the 21st century and AI is touching our lives in more ways than most people realise. There is a lot more that AI can offer. In every industry sector, leading organisations are already using it to run their core functions more efficiently e.g. information processing, handling invoices and managing customer enquiries and complaints. Challenges include lack of awareness and knowledge about AI and a chronic skills shortage and our public bodies’ and business leaders not knowing the potential of AI and how it might impact their organisations.

There is also the question of jobs and fewer people being needed in every organisation, but AI also brings opportunities for new products and services. To tap into the opportunities, we need skills combined with a better business ecosystems that nurture innovation and technological advancement.

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February 2017

Last week, the European Parliament considered a resolution suggesting that what they deemed “smart robots” should have similar rights and obligations to the human labour force, including paying tax. The Parliament voted the resolution down, but clearly the idea of taxing robots is being considered […]

Artificial intelligence and the shape of things to come

February 2017

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April 2016

This is a follow up note on the very stimulating discussion we had at the Digital Leaders Research Salon titled ‘Practical Use of Robotics for Public Services and Enterprise’, held at the University of Liverpool in London on 13th April, 2016. This note is supplementary […]

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