Transformative thought leadership derives its power from its capacity to transcend traditional sector-based thinking and cut across disciplinary divides. DL Research has been carefully conceived as a two-way street, offering industry/public sector access to academic expertise and maximising opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, whilst also offering university stakeholders the chance to acquire a comprehensive picture of the key skills and competencies required in a rapidly evolving digital market place.

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Girl taking a photo for Snapchat
Introducing a duty of care for social media

November 2018

As the Government prepares to publish its Internet Safety Strategy White Paper early next year, there is no shortage of advice in development to help Ministers decide on their way forward. Parliamentary inquiries on the impact of technology on our lives, being undertaken by the […]

Teen sitting alone using his phone
Digital By Default, Lonely By Design

November 2018

Here’s an opinion — the Digital by Default agenda is contributing to a loneliness crisis in the UK and Digital Inclusion is not the remedy for loneliness that I would love it to be. It’s clear from new research by the BBC[i] that the age group we might consider […]

woman sitting at table working on computer
Universities staff need to understand their role in keeping hackers at bay

November 2018

Universities have become a hunting ground for the unscrupulous hackers. Recently the Cobalt Dickins hacking group, which is linked to the Iranian government, was revealed to be behind an attempt to breach the systems of 76 universities in 14 countries. This included a number in […]

Empowerment is the key to a connected society

January 2018

It’s not just technology that will determine our digital future – the ethical, social and political decisions taken now will have an impact on all of us. Our increasingly digitised, disruptive and globalised world is transforming the way we live, work and play in exciting […]

Keeping Bias From Creeping Into Code

December 2017

Many people perceive software as being free from bias, but it’s not. In a TEDx Talk, Joy Buolamwini, a researcher at the MIT Research Lab and an African-American, discusses how she dons a white mask because her face is often not detected by generic facial-recognition software […]

Challenging the use of AI to reinforce stereotypes

November 2017

Following the old saying that “knowledge is power”, companies are seeking to infer increasingly intimate properties about their customers as a way to gain an edge over their competitors. The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms that use machine learning to analyse large multifaceted data sets, provides […]

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