Transformative thought leadership derives its power from its capacity to transcend traditional sector-based thinking and cut across disciplinary divides. DL Research has been carefully conceived as a two-way street, offering industry/public sector access to academic expertise and maximising opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, whilst also offering university stakeholders the chance to acquire a comprehensive picture of the key skills and competencies required in a rapidly evolving digital market place.

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5G in Birmingham
How 5G will change Birmingham in real time

November 2019

Limitless opportunities 5G will change how the wireless network works, completely restructuring the current existing architecture. It can also play a major role in other types of critical applications that require high bandwidth, so there’s a lot of interesting scenarios where 5G can be effectively […]

women sitting around a table talking and working
Contextual research with users

October 2019

The service I’m currently working on aims to help support people back into work. This can be a highly emotional and sensitive area which is why it’s really important to speak to real users in their own environment and measure their satisfaction over a period […]

adults sitting at table with computers
How gender diverse is the workforce of AI research?

July 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly mediates our social, political, economic and cultural interactions. From improved medical applications to self-driving cars and smart cities, AI has the potential to transform our digital, physical and social environments. However, the same technologies can be used for mass surveillance, computational […]

Man bend over holding his face in his hands
The mental health of CISOs is suffering

March 2019

The days of being the technically-minded information security expert are finishing. The modern CISO can’t stay tucked away in the IT department, installing updates and emailing out password advice. Nor can they be a wholly management-minded corporate leader, talking the talk without actually being able […]

Rating gig economy platforms against criteria for fair work

February 2019

There are now seventy million people around the world who find work through digital platforms. In the UK, we have tended to think of work that happens in a particular place at particular times. However, the rise of digital work platforms is bringing into being […]

hands typing on keyboard
Digital Transformation: what the public sector needs to consider

January 2019

The pace of technological change has never been so great. And with that change, comes the ever-rising expectations of citizens; expectations that government departments need to meet. Last year we conducted a survey with GovNewsDirect speaking to individuals from 95 central government departments and agencies […]

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