Net Zero

Reaching net zero is enormously challenging and at the same time everyone’s responsibility.

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Automate & Optimise the Net Zero Journey, A talk by Stewart Little CEO, IRT surveys

Digital sustainability & Tech Net Zero by Cory Hughs, Perago

Sustainable IT – why it matters and it contribution to Net Zero 2050, by Tony Sudworth, DWP Digital

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How to turn your sustainability ambition into action

October 2022

We know from the latest IPCC report on climate change that we have a very narrow window of time to ensure we achieve our global goal of operating within a 1.5-degree climate rise. The impact of not doing so will have devastating consequences for global […]

Tackling e-waste and making sustainable choices

October 2022

Historically, businesses have bought technology without thinking too hard about its carbon footprint. As part of our Creating a Sustainable Future series, our CTO, Mark Skelton highlights some of the initiatives that can help tech leaders begin to make more sustainable choices. Video watch time: 2 minutes […]

Technology and taking tangible steps toward a zero-carbon economy

September 2022

The path to net-zero If you feel like the path to net zero is unclear and obstructed in places, you’re not alone. It’s often difficult to step back from the complexities and make sense of not only where we’re heading, but also how we’re going […]

Net Zero
Transporting you to a low-carbon future

September 2022

The transport sector’s carbon challenge We are all facing a climate emergency. We are all asking ourselves: what can I, my company, my community and country do to tackle this existential threat? Transport is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, accounting […]

Digital Leaders launches The Net Zero 50 List

September 2022

Last Tuesday, we launched The Net Zero 50 List. At a time of heightened awareness of the environment and to coincide with COP27, the Net Zero 50 List showcases the top 50 individuals, organisations, initiatives, products and services helping us reach Net Zero in the […]

Want to protect the planet? Start a climate action group

September 2022

If your organisation is serious about fighting climate change, it needs formalised, collective action. Here’s what we’ve learned from this work at TPXimpact. TPXimpact was formed to balance profit and purpose, considering people, planet and community in everything we do. Since the formation of the […]

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