Innovation - "Turning ideas into value"

Digital Innovation is about the incubation of ideas, learning and innovative technology solutions, to gain valuable practical experience from the use of cutting-edge technology in real-life applications.

Innovation can help government and business master the emerging technologies they need to accelerate digital transformation. Usually this involves exploring new technologies, developing prototypes and creating rapid business and public service deployment.

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Why COVID-19 might set digital government back

May 2020

All over the media, the best experts tell us this is the time for digital transformation of our public services. In many countries in the world, companies, organisations and governments now have no other option but to work remotely in order to maintain organisational continuity- due to […]

Careers education and COVID: using tech to do some good

May 2020

As a mother and a businesswoman I am a passionate advocate for helping young people to reach their potential in life. I have over 6 years of experience in the careers education sector and  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what effects the […]

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Use lockdown to maximise digital skills in your business

May 2020

Covid-19 has impacted businesses in a number of ways, not least in terms of how we work now. But while we navigate the pandemic and begin to accustom ourselves to working remotely, there are ways that we can use the extra downtime to maximise our […]

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Why data quality is critical for digital transformation

May 2020

Data is power – but only if it’s correctly collected, processed and managed. Reportedly, 85 per cent of businesses fail to effectively leverage big data to power their digital transformation initiatives. While the causes of failure are diverse – from process issues to people issues, […]

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Innovating through change and crisis

May 2020

We are living in challenging times. For the past seven weeks and counting the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organisations of all sizes to pivot and scramble to cope with the fast changing health and economic landscapes that we are all now operating in. This volatile […]

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