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Using artificial intelligence for social impact

July 2022

There’s a flurry of excitement about modern developments in artificial intelligence (AI). The arrival of powerful image generators, AI agents able to perform multiple tasks or seemingly (to some) sentient chatbots are an exciting prospect for data scientists that use machine learning to tackle big societal challenges in areas such […]

How to talk about agile to non-digital decision makers

July 2022

Many digital teams have adopted agile working. But it can be difficult to convince the rest of the organisation who may have little experience with it. And this is especially true of decision-makers who may, for any number of reasons, be mistrustful of agile working. […]

5G and Beyond: Exploring the vibrant future of connectivity

July 2022

Digital connectivity is evolving at a rapid pace and is opening an exciting world of new innovations formerly the preserve of sci-fi films.   New products, services and applications that exploit the capabilities of 5G are being created by innovators to enrich our personal lives, our […]

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The 4 attitudes of your event audience that you can’t ignore

July 2022

The past few years have drastically changed the way we do business, particularly in the events industry. At Digital Leaders, we ran an in-person programme until mid 2019. About 6 months ahead of the pandemic we began running virtual events. Our first virtual week was […]

Accelerating delivery: 10 questions to ask your team

June 2022

If you work in digital in the public sector, you’re probably aware of accelerated delivery. It helps to build projects faster, more efficiently, and with reduced risk. If your team is new to delivery at pace, we’ve outlined 10 questions to ask yourself and your […]

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