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5G mobile
Open access connectivity – the next frontier of 5G

March 2022

Mobile connectivity is rapidly changing and 5G technology is fast establishing itself as a critical conduit for integrating ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) to bring smart cities, self-driving vehicles and industry 4.0 technologies into our lives. As connectivity is evolving, Open RAN (Radio Access Network) has […]

woman using the laptop
Five golden rules for compliant alt text

February 2022

Are you using alt text properly? Inconsistent use of alt text is one of the most common problems found in our web audits. These golden rules make your alt tags more useful to your site visitors and mean your site is more likely to be […]

girls on a conference call
3 key reasons why virtual events are the new normal

January 2022

Let me start by saying – I am done with all the restrictions, lockdown and COVID in general. If I could snap my fingers and make COVID disappear – I would. I miss being able to interact with people, to network and have meaningful conversations […]

Why developers need to challenge product and design

December 2021

Rare is the developer who hasn’t had to “throw away” their code. For many, discarding months of hard work has been a common, recurring theme of their career.  This is how it happens: someone in management thinks they’ve identified a problem. They rally a bunch […]

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