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4 steps to become a data-driven manufacturer

March 2023

Over the last few years, in my interactions with manufacturing clients worldwide, one thing has stood out clearly. Manufacturers that use data to gain strategic and operational insights are pulling ahead of their peers in tangible ways, both in competitive advantage and more effective operations. […]

Building data privacy and protection into your daily operations

January 2023

As an IT and business consulting services company operating worldwide, data is crucial to our business as its protection. From advising clients on how to build and deploy their enterprise digital transformation strategies to running critical IT systems that help public and private organizations operate their core […]

The importance of stakeholders. And why they matter in UX

January 2023

Triad UX consultant Jenny Lardh explains why stakeholders are important to UX projects and how to get the best out of them. Ever worked on a project where the stakeholder’s input wasn’t crucial? Me neither. Stakeholders come in various guises. They may be clients, portfolio […]

A cloudy outlook for your digital transformation?

January 2023

I know this is embarrassing to admit, but I don’t really understand the cloud. Sure, I can describe what it does. I can even tell you all about the underlying technologies that make it work and how they fit together. With a fair wind, I might be […]

How secure is your supply chain?

December 2022

Your software supply chain is complex and as your business continues on a digital evolution, this complexity and reliance on external suppliers and systems, will only increase over time.  Firstly let’s explore what consists of a software supply chain, as outlined below: Binaries Other components […]

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