Measuring the impact of community programmes and CSR

Kindlink DLWeek Event

Written by Adriano Mancinelli , Head of Charities at KindLink

KindLink hosted an expert salon on measuring the impact of business sustainability and community programmes in partnership with LBG (London Benchmarking Group). Open to delegates from the private and charity sectors, the breakfast event attracted more than 80 professionals from the Corporate Responsibility (CSR), HR, Internal Communications and Marketing spaces.

Initially, Clodagh Connolly (LBG) and Iskren Kulev (KindLink) looked at the LBG framework for measuring impact and the importance of recording and reporting all aspects of corporate giving (Input, Output, Impact) The point was made that, although many companies engage in CSR activities, measuring impact is still a challenge because companies lack capacity and funds to do so properly.

As an online platform that was built to help companies measure and manage their CSR activities, KindLink can help with both hurdles. Mr. Kulev gave an overview of how the KindLink platform is used by businesses to record their CSR data and then utilised to engage employees and customers, effectively measuring and increasing the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

The second part of the salon saw the two presenters and the audience created a vibrant discussion tackling some of the difficulties in measuring impact of CSR. As the diverse group of consultants, non-profit organisations and large businesses from the retail, construction, financial services and other sectors attending the event engaged with the two speakers, the Q&A developed into an interesting networking session on the importance of engaging and inspiring employees through Corporate Social Responsibility at the end of the salon.


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