Workshop: Considering Ethical questions in Emerging Tech

18 June @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm, 110 Rochester Row, Rippington Suite, London, SW1P 1JP

How do policy, service delivery and technical experts come together to deliver great public services – do emerging technologies, (blockchain and AI), pose new challenges or opportunities for multidisciplinary teams?’

World Cafes are designed to encourage conversations. The aim of this event is to stimulate debate on the following:

• Does service design focus enough on the fundamental ethical questions and disruptions which these technologies are sparking?
• Do we need new skills sets on our teams?
• What do non-technical people need to know to effectively work with technical team members?
• Do digital approaches need updating?

Attend this workshop to collaborate, gain new insights, learn and network. The event begins with insights on Methods’ work with Ethnicity Facts and Figures and our blockchain project at the Land Registry. Suitably stimulated, the group breaks into small tables and debates the issues for 15 minutes, before moving onto a new table and new topic.

Feedback and key ideas that emerged from the previous group’s conversation are gathered through each rotation. Conversations are linked up and layered across an ever- widening group before everyone comes together to share key insights and themes.

Registration is essential to attend this event as tickets are limited.