Workshop: Web Application Security

09 February @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, Manchester

Web Application Security

Insecure web applications are among the greatest security threats to organisations today. This workshop will dissect these threats in detail and discuss how they impact organisations.

In the last year alone, AppCheck-NG completed over 7000 web application vulnerability scans for some of the UK’s leading organisations. Whilst carrying out these scans, a range of recurring, high risk vulnerabilities were uncovered. Gary O’Leary Steele, Technical director of AppCheck, will summarise the most recent findings, including live demonstrations of hacking techniques and most importantly, common sense remediation activities.

Join this workshop to:

  • Learn to protect your Web Applications from vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat to organisations.
  • Attain the skills required to test against the OWASP Top Ten
  • Free Securing Web Applications Tool Kit
  • Free use of the AppCheck Web Application and Infrastructure Scanner

Places at the workshop are limited, so please register now to avoid disappointment.