Salon: What should Charities know about Open Data, Transparency and GDPR

24 January @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Edinburgh

There are two main aspects to open data for Charities. The first is its ability to help you understand your impact. Charities are good at telling us what the problems they want to solve are, and what they are doing to solve the problem, but it’s harder to show clear evidence that they have been successful in doing this. Open data is one way that Charities can begin to show their impact and make decisions based on clear evidence.

The other main use of open data is being transparent. While some will find this scary, this should be seen as a positive opportunity, particularly when competing for public sector contracts, rather than something that organisations have to be forced to do.

However, from May next year Charities need to factor into this use of Open Data a new and important element, being the new GDPR directive.

Join our lead discussants including Scott Hollinshead, Operations and Governance Manager at Street Soccer Scotland and Tom Wallace, Stakeholder Manager at National Records of Scotland to talk about:

  • What Open data is
  • Where it is being used to good effect in the Charity sector
  • How to get started in your own organisation
  • What GDPR changes and you need to know

Places are limited and the Salon will be followed by networking.