Workshop: Innovation, firm dynamics, employment and growth

21 June @ 9:30 am - 6:30 pm, Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, Park Row, London, SE10 9LS

There is a rich literature on how innovation may affect job creation, firm survival and productivity growth. The evidence tends to indicate positive (but often small) effects on employment, an “innovation premium” in terms of firm survival and a positive effect on productivity growth.

However, the findings exhibit a high degree of heterogeneity in general and a non-trivial frequency of adverse effects on employment and wage inequalities. Furthermore, innovation’s effects may be non-linear, with the implication that researchers and policy-makers should pay more attention to scale and threshold effects.

The workshop brings together 14 original research papers authored by 43 distinguished contributors to the research field. The papers address five themes, four of which are substantive and one is methodological:

  • The effects of artificial intelligence and robotization on jobs/skills/tasks
  • The patterns of job creation, job destruction and job reallocation by technology class, firm age/size and distance to the technology frontier
  • Sources of heterogeneity in the effects of innovation on firm survival and productivity growth by countries, sectors and firm types
  • Public support for innovation: Policy design and performance issues
  • Causal pathways and contingencies in the relationship between innovation and employment, productivity growth and survival
  • The workshop is of interest for established researchers, PhD students and policy-makers. Presentations of papers listed below will be followed by comments from pre-assigned discussants and Q&A sessions.

Attendance is free, but please register to reserve your place.