Webinar: Apprenticeships Work for Me

09 March @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, Online

Ross Blythe, Apprenticeships

Most who are in an apprenticeships scheme know university isn’t for them; the thought of racking up a lifetime debt from a course that they may not even pass doesn’t sit well. Some are never the academic type and the promise of freshers week and other social events at university can be seen as guaranteed ingredients for failure.

Learning and understanding about the huge variety of options out there apart from university are far and few. It’s amazing to think that a £2.8bn government backed foundation is scarcely advertised to both secondary school and college students, not providing the necessary knowledge and tools to find other paths to university.

This webinar will be led by Ross Blythe, an apprenticeship account manager at Invotra who will talk about the exciting new challenges and objectives he faces as an apprentice, focusing on how beneficial apprenticeships can be to your overall character both in and out of the work environment.

The webinar will consist of a 30-minute presentation followed by a 30 minute interactive Q&A.