Taking the next step in your career – online

13 July @ 10:15 am - 12:00 pm, Online

Woman in black blazer working on laptop
Learn how to prepare and deliver your best self for the world of work in a digital world.

About this Event

One of the biggest transformations in our working world is being ‘digital first’. When something so radical and disruptive happens in your career it can really knock your confidence, your sense of value and purpose. In this session you, you will learn:

• The importance mindset plays when looking for your next job

• How job roles are changing due to a more digital and virtual workspace

• The importance of having a digital footprint and presenting yourself online

• The different online approaches to starting a job hunt

• How to build a CV that reflects your skills and strengths

• How to research and prepare for an interview process

This will be an interactive online trainer-led session where you will have the opportunity to chat with other attendees via video camera (if you choose to) and ask questions throughout.

We recommend enabling the webcam and microphone settings on your computer or laptop so you can see and speak to other attendees. This is completely optional, if you decide not to use your camera you can still join and experience the full content of the session

A joining link will be included during the registration process of the event.

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