Innovation in Digital Health

02 February @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Leeds

Yorkshire is seeing a rapid rise of the digital health industry, with numerous businesses developing partnerships and innovating in the field of Health 2.0. Local initiatives are boosting the e-health business in order to deliver high-quality care and create sustainable health care systems.

The first DL Yorkshire salon “Innovation in Digital Health” in 2016 will be dedicated to the topical and thought-provoking matter of technology, health system, and the influence that the former casts on the health services.

This salon will discuss:

  • What are the new trends, new approaches and new vertical markets driven by digital transformation within the healthcare industry
  • How are the traditional health organizations partnering with non-traditional sectors such as hardware and software providers, telecommunications, cyber security to improve care and efficiency?

Please join our leader discussants including Stephen Wilcock, Managing Director at Egton, Victoria Betton, founder and director NHS initiative  mHabitat, and Kath Lancaster. Kath is an Independent Nurse Consultant with expertise in health needs assessment, skills analysis and workforce redesign. Egton specialises in the supply of ICT infrastructure, application software and value added services to education, healthcare and other public and private sector organisations.

Places are limited so please register to secure your place. Guests will arrive from 5pm with speeches commencing at 5.30pm followed by Q&A and refreshments.