Conference: IAAC Symposium 2017 – Health, Wealth and Stealth

13 September @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm, London

Health, Wealth and Stealth: Promoting cross-sectoral knowledge transfer.

This year’s symposium is focused on promoting knowledge transfer across sectors, with innovation in mind. We see many sector specific events through the year. Sometimes it’s difficult for professionals to break out of their own specialist sector and they are condemned to closed conversations with like-mined people. Yet there is evidence that innovation happens on boundaries, where a lesson identified ‘there’ can be applied ‘here’. The moniker ‘health, wealth and stealth’ was chosen to look specifically across public and private sector contexts, as well as the broader issues of stealth, from privacy to surveillance.

This year the panels will have key speakers from different sectors.  The speakers will be encouraged to discuss their key challenges and the ways they effectively address them. Of course, there will be also a chance to see sectoral differences and to look for what this means for how we train, prepare and educate in a profession which desires to be coherent, across a diverse range of contexts. We hope that this innovative approach will in itself spark innovation. There is also a plan to run the usual poster competition for universities and businesses who wish to showcase their current research and projects.

The symposium includes:

  • Opening and closing keynote speakers
  • Expert panels from different sectors engaged in information risk and cyber security
  • Government updates
  • Poster competition
  • Networking opportunities
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