Digital Communication and relationships – how are they changing?

17 November @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, London

As our everyday lives go through many forms of Digital Transformation we need to look at how they are changing our everyday interpersonal relationships.  How are our relationships being shaped and sustained by digital technologies? How are digital interactions changing everyday communication?  Digital tools changing how we develop relationships – both personal and work based?  How are we managing how we appear to others through social and digital media?  What are the implications of these changes for individuals, organisations and society?  This research salon will draw on recent research to explore these challenging issues.

The salon will be informed by findings from recent research, with the lead discussants including Professor Monica Whitty – University of Warwick and Martina Chapman, Senior Research Manager at Ofcom.

This research salon will be the first of a set to be jointly run with the Economic and Social Research Council’s review project on “Ways of Being in a Digital Age”.

This project is looking to summarise existing research on the impacts of digital across seven domains:

  • Citizenship and politics
  • Communities and identities
  • Communication and relationships
  • Economy and sustainability
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Data and representation
  • Governance and security