Employees often forgotten in digital transformation push

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Written by Sead Fadilpašić , Journalist for Cryptonews

When employees are forgotten, digital transformation becomes a roadblock instead of a catalyst for success.

When businesses embark upon digital transformation, they do it for a number of reasons. Among them, a boost to employee productivity.

However, new research from Lenovo suggests many businesses fail to pay attention to their employees when bringing new technologies into the workplace. The results are the exact opposite of what they had set out to achieve.

Based on an online poll of 1,000 IT managers across Europe, the report states that many businesses think first and foremost about their business and shareholders’ goals when employing new technology. As a matter of fact, just six percent of IT managers in the EMEA region consider technology users their number one priority when investing in new solutions.

This approach makes life more challenging for employees, with many (47 percent) reporting becoming overwhelmed with the complexity and pace of change. An even greater proportion (48 percent) said implementing technology this way “actively inhibited their teams’ ability to operate”. In a fifth of cases (21 percent), meanwhile, technology slows down business processes as opposed to speeding them up.

For Lenovo, the only way to make sure technology works for the employees is to focus on people, rather than stakeholders or business objectives.

“If there is a change of heart and mind within the industry, taking a people-first approach to IT adoption, we will see positive change for both organisations and wider society,” said Giovanni Di Filippo, President of Lenovo’s Data Centre Group, EMEA.

“Happier employees, greater productivity and a faster pace of innovation – these are the benefits of placing people at the centre of IT decisions.”

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