DLWeek 14-18 October 2024

Take part in the UK’s national week promoting digital transformation across all sectors of the UK. Those like you, with the answers or experience to drive forward the digital transformation of the UK economy are also taking part, sharing the very best practice and offering solutions that are practical and real at this time of immense digital change including the use of AI. Join us and together we will help build the UK’s digital confidence

About the Week

Now in its 7th year, DL Week will be a truly nationwide week of events online and in-person. Right across the UK from Monday to Friday there will be lectures, talks, conferences and awards, including from Digital Leaders the 19th National Digital Conference and the 12th DL100 Awards

Week Partnerships - From £2k-£20k

Why not be an expert partner on one of our ten topics and let people know about your expertise, or if you are a leader in the sector in a country or sector why not become one of 4 strategic partners. If it’s time to let people know that your values ambitions and offer to the UK digital economy is nationwide then we are seeking one Headline partner for the Week.
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Events or Talks - From £499-£999

Why not support the Week by giving a talk. You can pre-record or speak live and your fee allows us to make the whole week free for Charities and the Public Sector to also speak and run events. We will set it up, take registrations and promote your talk to our £100k + audience and include it in the On-demand offer after the week.