Digital Leaders launches The Net Zero 50 List

Written by Jade van Zuydam , Programme manager, Digital Leaders

Last Tuesday, we launched The Net Zero 50 List. At a time of heightened awareness of the environment and to coincide with COP27, the Net Zero 50 List showcases the top 50 individuals, organisations, initiatives, products and services helping us reach Net Zero in the UK. It celebrates the net zero innovations and innovators who are helping us achieve the UK’s net zero agenda.

The need for this new Digital Leaders initiative became evident from government demands that we decarbonise the economy by 2050 and the central role technology is playing in the green revolution. We also understand net zero’s monumental importance within our own community, as GreenTech and low carbon solutions become a central topic at our summits. During this year’s Digital Leaders Week and Public Sector Insight Week over 20 talks focused on technology’s role in protecting our planet. Insightful events focused on sustainable IT and how geospatial data can achieve net zero transport, to urban digital twins ability to slash building emissions and the power of Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology to guide us on the road to Net Zero. We are a community of leaders, and it is undeniable that to be a leader, one needs to engage with this issue. Cross-sector and industry wide, from the company level to the individual, we must embrace decarbonisation and transform. 

As we are all aware, reaching net zero is an enormous challenge that requires common effort and responsibility, and a change in individual and group behaviour. Ambitious action, robust policy and private and public coordination on the national, regional and local level are needed urgently to meet the 2050 target. Yet, the foundations are already being laid to transform the UK economy, businesses and society. The UK still holds the UN climate presidency until COP27 kicks off in Egypt this November, and it is time to step up to the challenges laid out by COP26. By the time of this handover, the Net Zero 50 List will be ready to highlight what inspiring work has been done this year across the UK.

Many of you may know Digital Leaders through our Awards, networking conferences and thought leadership. Whether presenting the best in UK Tech for Good or the year’s rising digital star, many of the UK’s tech unicorns and entrepreneurs have passed through our door on their way up. This perspective helped us notice a gap that needs filling. A space for distinguished work in the net zero space to be communicated, shared and celebrated. And with that, the Net Zero 50 list was born.  

The list will bring together the UK’s leading initiatives, individuals and companies. In doing this, we will help advance the conversation across sectors and form a network around innovative solutions on reaching net zero.

Nominations are open as of last week. They are available to any individual, business, government or non-profit using products or services for positive environmental benefit.  We have 5 unique categories: SME Net Zero, Public Sector Net Zero, Non Profit Net Zero, In-house Net Zero, Net Zero Hero. Our judges will shortlist the entries into a final list of 50 and the members will be invited to a reception at The House of Lords during COP27 and the Digital Leaders  Innovation Week 14-18th of November. 

As part of the official launch, we are reaching out to ask for your support in kick starting this new project. In our quest to gather the most exceptional talent across the UK in the field of sustainability and net zero, please help us find these pioneers from the public, private and non-profit sectors, by either entering yourself, nominating someone else or sharing it on your network. You can do that here.

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