Artificial Intelligence and its benefit in the Workplace

Written by Varun Datta, Founder, 4new

Today, most of the companies are preferring to work with Artificial intelligence. In fact, it should be even if we see the remarkable success of AI in the market. In general, it is rising in both the ways, in the economy and the social way. Despite that, how advantageous is it actually for the workplace? Truly, it is reducing the mundane and time-consuming tasks, which were increasing the cost of production.  

According to the Forrester research, the investment growth has increased by about 300% in the year 2017 and the AI expending will reach about $46 billion by the year 2020. The advantages of development are tremendous and we are at that place where the number of options is quite infinite. Organisations are using AI to improve the productivity and cut the extra effort by improving the production time. In case human capacity, Artificial intelligence, and automation combines then it has the capability to thrice the production level if handled properly.

Few examples in support of Artificial intelligence:  

Improving the Customer Services

As per the Accenture Global Consumer Pulse report, 61% of the volunteer on a survey said the customer services can be enhanced by AI implementations in the faster delivery. Reducing the delivery time is the major factor on which the companies are focussing. AI can resolve the employee and customer issues which can lead to an increase in resolution rates and work-ethics.

However, some of the employees are afraid of advancement in AI because they think AI will replace their jobs with machines. Human interaction will remain an important part of the business, in fact, the companies are adopting new technology to connect with the customers such as video chatting method. The multiple methods of communication minimise the waiting time and faster problem-solving.  

Improves Efficiency

Almost, a decade has been taken to solve the problems of safety and security in the industry. The disruptive technology was the major concern of the ages. But, now the time has changed today AI is bringing the huge benefit to society. It has improved the throughput and efficiency by creating new alternatives for revenue generation, job creation, and cost savings.

Also, Automation has reduced the human error and pushing the humans towards value chain in more planned way such that they learn the importance of strategy rather in lowering the supply chain where a simple error can cost millions of lose. AI adoption in daily tasks help them to make time for their to-do list. Reduction in the administrative responsibility helps the human to make error frequently and to rectify them faster.

Employees Engagement in a more planned way

According to IDC, the need for customer service will rise up to 20% in a few years. Employees who will be able to make the place in these services have to learn the utilisation of AI to accomplish the tasks. These tasks will not only help them in their personality enhancement rather in developing the customer service experience. People who want to learn can enroll in the online course for artificial intelligence engineer for in-depth knowledge of AI and its applications in the real-world which can help the learner to pace-up the career growth.

AI helps in eliminating the tedious work also advance AI technology like chatbot is giving the chances to increase productivity in other areas. The process will enable the employers to get spare time and work purposely in their positions to foster creativity in the organisation.

Moreover, the task which was taking millennial hours is now alleviated with the help of AI. Every employee wants the professional growth and wants to be the part of important projects, and AI can help them in achieving that goal.

By deploying AI the workplace can automate the day-to-day tasks and processes, save money and time. AI also helps in prediction based on the data collected through cognitive technologies. Surely, there are many more benefits which have the ability to change the whole operation of an organisation. It just needs an open-mind attitude and zeal to grasp the upcoming opportunities.

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