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BEIS Growth Hubs: Digital Day

September 2016

Yesterday, Digital Leaders supported the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to host a Digital Day for the UK’s 39 Growth Hubs. The morning focussed on digital strategies, the sharing of best practice and early stage successes experienced by Growth Hubs. Delegates heard from the GFirst […]

Digital Democracy Report. Revisited.

April 2016

I have been on The Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy for more than a year already and it’s been an inspiring, surprising and interesting time. After an engaging discussion about digital democracy on the recent DLTV Show I would like to revisit our final report and a micro-site and share […]

Blockchain: The Good, The Bad, and The Business Case

March 2016

For a relatively nascent technology, blockchain – the shared ledger or shared database technology allowing any participant in a business network to see the system of record – seems to be everywhere. Well, verbally everywhere. Earlier this month, I participated in a Digital Leaders TV […]

Watch the latest Self-Service Prison Tech Research Webinar

February 2016

Technology in prisons has the possibility to transform the prison service and prisoner outcomes as well as driving efficiencies across the whole service. Technology has so far been introduced into private sector run prisons and immigration centres, and also into three public run prisons. This […]

Catch up on the latest DLTV on FinTech

February 2016

In the latest DLTV, Kate Russell discusses Fintech with Shadi Razak (Head of Cyber Security & Compliance at CyNation), Simon Ware ( FinTech Innovation Lab) and Andra Sonea (Lead Solutions Architect, Digital Innovation Lab at Lloyds Banking Group). If you missed the recent live broadcast […]

Watch DLTV Cyber Security with Kate Russell

December 2015

Check out the recent live broadcast recording hosted by BBC Click’s Kate Russell discussing and debating the latest trends, risks and general advice on cyber security with: Dr Adam Beaumont from aql, Jennifer Arcuri from Innotech Network and Edward Lucas from The Economist & Author […]

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