Young Digital Leaders Conference, Tuesday 13 October 2020

Virtual Event in the #DigiLounge


Each year in the Digital Leaders 100 list we unearth 10 talented members of the digital community aged between 16 and 30. Over the last 4 years we have highlighted the abilities of over 40 young men and women who now form an exceptional alumni who include social entrepreneurs, technologists, civil servants and academics.

This exceptional group from across the UK is only the tip of an iceberg of young talent making its way into careers across the UK and in all sectors of UK life. So as part of DLWeek 2020 at the Young Digital leaders Conference.

We will also be helping those, whose job it is, to develop the careers and skills of these young people to ask questions about what help young people need.

We will also be asking these young people to help us answer the questions:

How do businesses make themselves attractive to this young talent?
How can business make the most of young talent once they have found it?
How can businesses retain their young talent?

In this virtual conference, held in the #DigiLounge, we will be hearing from many more past winners and talking to those supporting young people to succeed professionally working together to ensure everyone gets the most out of young talent?

Our audience will be those hiring young talent, those who want to hire young talent and those supporting young people to succeed professionally – recruiters, schools, universities, careers departments, training and nonprofits/businesses.

We will be asking our audience to ask the questions they want answering and we will be asking the Young Digital Leaders to answer them.



Arrival and networking in #DigiLounge – 9.30am

Welcome – Chair, Louise Stokes, Director Digital Leaders – 9.45am

Morning KeynoteDan Makoski, Chief Design Officer, Lloyds Bank Group – 10.00am

PanelSupporting young people – 10.15am

Chris Ashworth, Head of Public Benefit, Nominet; Catherine Tranfield, Apprentice, Credit Suisse; Andrea Rodrigues, Young Digital Leader 2019; Melissa Tranfield, Apprentice at IG and Future VC Participant

Networking, – 10.45am

PanelHiring, Inspiring and retaining young talent – 11.00am

Vimla Appadoo, Co-Founder, Honey Badger
Joe Seddon, Founder & CEO, Zero Gravity
Leon Ifayemi, CEO, SPCE
Lauren Tack (Stewart), Founder, Invigorate

Networking, – 11.30pm

Fireside chat – Where you come from should not determine where you end up – 11.45am

Jack Parsons, CEO, The Youth Group
Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President, TechUK

Networking, – 12.05pm

PanelFireside chat – Mental Health and creating a supportive work environment – 12.20pm

Ben Towers, Founder, Tahora
Rob Wilmot, Angel Investor and government NED

Keynote – No one left behind – 12.40pm

Sean Fielding, Lead member for Employment, Skills and Digital, GMCA

Closing Remarks – Chair, Louise Stokes, Director Digital Leaders – 13.00pm

Final networking – 13.05pm

Close – 13.30pm

Conference Partners

With over 200 decision makers attending, the conference is a unique opportunity for your organisation to engage and showcase your innovative products and services.

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The #DigiLounge is a virtual space for up to 800 sat cabaret-style in tables of 6 with a main stage. Each table is hosted by a facilitator to assist your participation and uses video, audio and chat to allow up to six people to interact naturally in real-time. In short, it is all about real, human connection.