Conversations with key influencers in the UK’s digital transformation community. On season three of the Digital Leaders podcast, we sit down with some of the UK’s most proactive Digital Leaders as they share their views on the importance of digital leadership in an evolving digital workforce and economy. The time is now. The place is the Digital Leaders Podcast, and the future is digital!

Each episode features an in-depth conversation with a Digital Leader, highlighting how they got into the digital space, their passion for why they do what they do, the impact digital has had on their sector and their thoughts on what the digital future will look like in the next 5 – 10 years.



Caron Alexander, Director of Digital Shared Services at the Department of Finance in Northern Ireland

[Listen time: 32 mins, 21 secs]

In the final podcast of season three, we sit down with Caron Alexander, Director of Digital Shared Services at the Department of Finance in Northern Ireland and Digital Leaders Local Champion 2016.
The first girl to take a Computer Science A level in her school, she followed her passion into the public sector rising to Head IT in Government. Now coming to the end of her career, she reflects on leading the Northern Ireland Government’s digital transformation programme, creating an inclusive government approach via nidirect and a new social media led platform called MyNI.
@caronalexander @nidirect @MyNILife

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Mark Owens, Managing Director at Civica Northern Ireland

[Listen time: 41 mins, 58 secs]

Today’s podcast guest is Mark Owens, Managing Director at Civica Northern Ireland and an active contributor to the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce.
Mark was born in Northern Ireland, but only recently returned, giving him a local versus global perspective on the digital journey of Northern Ireland. Listen as he talks about the challenges of recruiting and retaining talent, the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and their new project SensAI; a platform where data can be captured, analysed in the Cloud and displayed in a GDPR-compliant manner to support Smart City, Retail, Commercial and Industrial applications.

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Rachel Neaman, Strategy Director, DigitalAgenda

[Listen time: 34 mins, 04 secs]

On today’s podcast show we sit down with Rachel Neaman, Strategy Director for DigitalAgenda. Rachel is an influential technology leader with a focus on digital transformation, HealthTech and digital inclusion. A Digital Leader for the Department of Health and then CEO for GoONUK, her early interest in languages and communication resulted in a fascination with digital.
Rachel talks about the DigitalAgenda platform that focuses on tech for good and social impact and shares her thoughts on Digital Leadership.
Check out Rachel’s Doll House here
@RCNeaman @DigitalAgenda_

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Dan Sutch, Director, CAST - Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology

[Listen time: 39 mins, 34 secs]
In today’s podcast episode, we sit down with Dan Sutch, Co-Founder and Director at digital charity CAST. Tune in to learn more about running a virtual charity and Dan’s own journey from primary school teacher to technology start up and his passion for helping people to use digital for social good.
Dan also shares details of The Catalyst, the new collaboration platform set to revolutionise how we tackle social and environmental issues in the UK.
Check out Dan’s hidden talent here.
Resources mentioned in the podcast include: the BetterDigital Services platform, The Startup Way, Review of ‘digital transformation‘ done within Catalyst and The Catalyst website.
@dansutch @TechforgoodCAST

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Daniel Korski CBE, Co-Founder & CEO of PUBLIC

Daniel Korski

[Listen time: 32 mins, 11 secs]
The Digital Leaders podcast is back for its third season. In the first episode of season three, we sit down with Daniel Korski CBE, special advisor to UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Co-Founder and CEO of PUBLIC, a venture capital firm focusing on helping technology startups transform our public services.
Listen as Daniel shares his journey from working in the UN and UK government to starting PUBLIC and his interest in building better services for citizens and better tools for public servants. Daniel talks about the critical nature of technologies to improve public services, the success of The Govtech Summit and why it’s important to create frameworks for leaders to understand digital.
@DanielKorski @PUBLIC_Team

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