Conversations with key influencers in the UK’s digital transformation community. On season three of the Digital Leaders podcast, we sit down with some of the UK’s most proactive Digital Leaders as they share their views on the importance of digital leadership in an evolving digital workforce and economy. The time is now. The place is the Digital Leaders Podcast, and the future is digital!

Each episode features an in-depth conversation with a Digital Leader, highlighting how they got into the digital space, their passion for why they do what they do, the impact digital has had on their sector and their thoughts on what the digital future will look like in the next 5 – 10 years.

Emma McGuigan, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Microsoft Business Group at Accenture

[Listen time: 43 mins, 16 secs]

In episode five, we sit down with Emma McGuigan, Senior Managing Director for Accenture’s global business with Microsoft. Based in Seattle, Emma is responsible for Accenture’s combined business with Microsoft. This includes the industry-leading JV, and Avanade, where Emma oversees a strategic alliance of 45,000 Accenture & Avanade employees.
Emma shares her fascination to learn how things work from an early age; her desire to tackle society’s inequalities; and the need for digital leaders to embrace their own continual learning, curiosity, and openness to new ideas.

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Heather Savory, Co-Chair of the Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics at the UN

[Listen time: 42 mins, 19 secs]

In episode four we sit down with Heather Savoury, Co-Chair Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics at theUnited Nations.
Heather shares her journey: from electrical engineering and research at GE, to building the world’s first hardware-accelerated 3D graphics at 3DLabs, followed by the Treasury and ultimately ONS. She also highlights the importance of repurposing data, explaining how looking at it from new angles can help us to better understand how it can be used.

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Gori Yahaya, Founder & CEO, UpSkill Digital

[Listen time: 35 mins, 59 secs]


In episode three of season four, we sit down with Gori Yahaya, Founder, and CEO of UpSkill Digital.
Gori shares his entrepreneurial journey: from a Chemistry degree, to supporting small business growth through his experiential and marketing expertise, to UpSkill Digital, his third business, now in its fifth year.
Gori’s main focus is helping people adopt digital with confidence, targeting diversity, and he is an ambassador for digital inclusion for BAME communities. We discuss the barriers diverse communities encounter in adopting digital, and Gori shares his latest plans for promoting digital adoption. We also debate the future of learning in the digital age – as Gori says, the skills that got you into a leadership role are not the skills you will need to lead in the future.

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Professor Sue Black OBE, award-winning Computer Scientist and Technology Evangelist

[Listen time: 40 mins, 12 secs]


In the second episode of Season Four, we sit down with Professor Sue Black OBE, an award-winning Computer Scientist and Technology Evangelist.
Sue shares her journey: from setting up the first online network for women in tech; leading the campaign to save Bletchley Park; and TechUP Women the new initiative she is running at Durham University with the Institute of Coding. She also shares her very personal experience of how the power of education and technology transformed her and her family’s life.

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Director, Zoe Amar Digital, Chair, Charity Digital Code, Co-author, Charity Digital Skills Report

[Listen time: 33 mins, 25 secs]

Welcome to the Digital Leaders Podcast – Season Four. In our first episode, we sit down with Zoe Amar to talk about the Charity Digital Code, why it is needed and what the latest Skills Report is saying about the Charity sector’s digital maturity.
Zoe shares her appetite for change and how she is still excited when charities are willing to alter the way they operate by embracing digital. Listen as Zoe shares her thoughts on the importance of digital leadership, the latest research from the Lloyds Bank Charity Digital Index and her belief in the importance of giving support to leaders receiving online abuse.
Resources mentioned include: The Lloyds Charity Digital Index and The Charity Digital Code of Practice.

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