GovTech Meetup

Welcome to the new Meetup for innovators in the public and private sectors looking to use new emerging technologies to improve and transform public services.

The GovTech Meetup series is an initiative between GovTech Catalyst at GDS and Digital Leaders that brings together the public and private sectors to discuss, share, network and look to collaborate around the opportunity offered by GovTech innovation.

The Meetup Format

GovTech Meetups are a mix of short talks and calls for support from the winners of each round of the GovTech Fund Challenges.
There will also be a chance to meet hand-picked start-ups, who are working in emerging technology sectors and actively looking to supply innovative solutions to the public sector. Through structured networking, these Meetups will help you find collaboration partners for future GovTech Fund Challenge rounds.

What is GovTech?

GovTech is the concept of encouraging small, emerging technology businesses, to bring innovative solutions to public services, that once proven can move to scale both to the advantage of markets and society. GovTech is gaining momentum as it passes from an emergent state and is poised to go global. GovTech benefits from large citizen demand, a permissive policy environment and ready access to tech skills & financial capital.

Why now?

A new £20 million fund from Government is helping tech firms deliver innovative fixes to public sector challenges. Tech firms bidding to the fund will have free reign to create truly innovative fixes. Those successful will receive funding and once a finalised product is created, the public sector partner can then choose to buy it. Not only will the public body receive an innovative, bespoke solution enabling them to tackle their challenge head on, but their solution may also be able to scale across the wider public sector.

Who is behind GovTech Meetup?

The GovTech Meetup series is a collaboration between GDS Innovation and Digital Leaders.
The Govtech Catalyst team within GDS Innovation aims to improve public services and boost productivity by helping public bodies – such as central government departments and local authorities – identify challenges they face that could be solved by new emerging digital technologies. The team will drive delivery of the £20m GovTech fund and act as a ‘front door’ to SME tech firms, giving them a clear single point of access to government.