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Transforming Services in the Age of Digital Disruption & Austerity

13 June @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Reading, Thames Valley

The seismic shift in technologies coupled with a challenging political and economic climate has increased the potential for digital disruption across many sectors.  Some may say it has created the conditions for a perfect storm.

After unparalleled success of Uber, AirBnb and TransferWise, it is high time to discuss the impacts on both the public and private sectors as it rises to deliver person and customer centred services. We will discuss the economic and social impacts resulting from this climate and how it will impact new business models as we successfully steer our way through this storm.

Join our lead discussants Sarah Burnett, Vice President, Everest Group and Deputy Chair, British Computer Society Women and a member of Tech UK WIT Council; and Richard Davies who is a Reading, Thames Valley, Lead Member & Councillor and Director for Holy Brook Ltd and Advanced Renewables Ltd.

The salon will discuss:

  • What are the social and economic impacts of this climate?
  • How do we reset our thinking to master the new realities of business and economic life?
  • What are the new digital disruption building blocks?
  • How do you transform services in an age of digital disruption and austerity?
  • How do you transform services and improve digital inclusion?

Join us at the DL South East Salon in the Thames Valley for another timely discussion and gaze into the close future of markets and service development.

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