A ‘Digital Leader’ is one who has the business, technology and personal competencies to exploit the digital ecosystem. It’s about leadership, but combined with understanding emergent technologies and how to use information as a resource.

The Digital Leaders Academy is collaborating with techUK. The programme makes techUK’s training programmes available to our individual Digital Leaders at the heavily discounted price normally only available to TechUK members.

The training we list below is targeted mainly at the private sector under the following themes: Engaging with the public sector, growing your business, personal and team development, protecting your business and
understanding successful selling.

To access the special Digital Leaders price on any of the training, please enter the code ‘DL2019‘ at checkout in the techUK booking portal.

Upcoming training

techUK Trainers

Alex Pell

Dashboard Media

Andrew Rankin

DAC Beachcroft LLP

Beatrice Freeman

Precision Networking

Chris Hewitt

Berkeley Communications Group

Chris Whyatt

Get to Great

David Reilly

David Reilly Consulting

Dmitry Grozoubinski

Trade Explained

Dr Maria G Vigliotti

Sanblocks Consulting

Grant Leboff

Sticky Marketing Club Ltd

Ian Andrews

1230 Consulting

Ian Henley

Ian Henley Consulting

Jackie Down


Jo Clift

Jo Clift Consulting

John Dunlop

DAC Beachcroft

Karen Glossop

Resonance Training

Lenore Ogilvy

Conbrio Associates

Martin Callinan

Source Code Control Ltd

Richard Stephens

Law Office of Richard Stephens

Ron Lev

Gold Model

Salma Shah

Soft Skills 4Tech and Winning Demos

    Sarah Hinchliffe

    Advice Cloud

    Shadi A. Razak

    Cynation Ltd

    Tony Treacy

    Pitch Factory Ltd

    Mike Fish


      James Madelin