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DL London

The DL London programme serves as an independent focal point of engagement and resource network for individuals and organisations across the London Boroughs who are committed to delivering sustainable and innovative digital transformation. The programme includes monthly salon meetings and networking events.

I am joining forces with organisations like Tech London Advocates – Women in Tech and Digital Leaders so we can work together to make the tech industry much more diverse.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and former Labour MP for Tooting

The London Boroughs have long had a relationship of opportunity and barriers to participation in the Capital’s economy. Digital is changing that, offering residents access to new jobs in the centre, a growing local digital economy and opportunities to collaborate with their communities. As a London resident I hope DL London will help drive the Capital’s Digital conversation.

Robin Knowles, Founder and CEO of Digital Leaders

For more information on the London programme, please contact Karolina Daniuk

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