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From basic digital skills and in-work apprenticeships to executive training and formal education; the digital skills gap is recognised as holding back UK plc. Nearly one in four of us have not kept pace and lack the basic digital skills to manage core tasks such as managing information, communicating online or making a transaction. Supporting the development of these skills is an issue for employers, educators and government if we are to fulfil our potential as one of the most digitally competitive nations.

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Bridging the UK skills gap: A race with no end

October 2018

35% of the skills demanded for jobs across industries will change by 2020, according to the World Economic Forum. At the same time, with the Fourth Industrial Revolution well underway – driven by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and emerging technologies – the skills gap is […]

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Using Agile in project management: a hybrid approach to success

October 2018

Agile is fast becoming the ‘must-have’ methodology requested by many operations directors… something that may be more the result of an impulse purchase in an airport waiting lounge bookshop than coming from a deep understanding of the topic. That said, I must admit that learning […]

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Embed inclusive design to reach a wider audience

October 2018

Often apps and websites – even those run by large companies – do not adhere to inclusive design principles and end up excluding many thousands of potential customers. At the London Chapter of the Interaction Design Association’s (IxDA) World Interaction Design Day last month, I […]

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Why re-use is the best design (because civil servants are users too)

October 2018

In government, we have access to lots of research and design patterns that have been tried and tested. If someone else has already solved a problem, we can reuse their design. This saves time and money and creates a consistent experience for the user. The challenge […]

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Software development is traditionally the most complex and laborious element in the rollout of any customer service or application. Jay Dodd explains how a low-code solution can slash development time and open up the process to non-developers. Over recent years, this has seen initiatives such as DevOps come […]

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Software to service: addressing the cloud skills gap

September 2018

Hindering the public sector’s cloud adoption journey is the lack of digital skills—a concern voiced by 25% of central government organisations. While the digital skills gap is widely discussed in the SMB and enterprise space, it’s important not to overlook the public sector. Science, technology, […]

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