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From basic digital skills and in-work apprenticeships to executive training and formal education; the digital skills gap is recognised as holding back UK plc. Nearly one in four of us have not kept pace and lack the basic digital skills to manage core tasks such as managing information, communicating online or making a transaction. Supporting the development of these skills is an issue for employers, educators and government if we are to fulfil our potential as one of the most digitally competitive nations.

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Preparing your team for the future of work

January 2021

We live in an age of technological disruptions. Every industry will be affected by Artificial Intelligence on some level. In the past, technical knowledge and skills were often sufficient to get you ahead in most industries, but that’s no longer the case. There are things […]

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Three ways to unlock collaboration between startups and the third sector

January 2021

The third sector and startups are often thought of as unlikely collaborating partners due to a number of barriers – institutional, financial, legal, cultural – that undermine or even prevent them from working successfully together. Yet, there is much to gain when the two worlds […]

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January 2021

It’s the sequel none of us wanted, although perhaps all knew was coming: Lockdown 3.0. When the Prime Minister told us to remain in our homes once again at the turn of the year – closing schools just one day into the new term – […]

Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) – it’s on!

January 2021

Commitment to supporting digital in Wales In her draft budget for 2021-22, Rebecca Evans announced that CDPS has been allocated funding of £4.9m for the next financial year. This is brilliant news for digital public services in Wales. There is now a really exciting opportunity […]

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The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the UK’s journey towards a cashless society. In March, ATM withdrawals plummeted by 60%, with more citizens turning online to pay for goods and services. This dash from cash led to UK Finance predicting that cash payments will fall […]

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A key learning from 2020 must be maximising opportunities for better, fairer work amid the ongoing shift away from offices. One of the most dramatic changes that 2020 has brought is the revolution in remote working. Whereas the proportion of people working exclusively from home […]

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