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Digital Skills

From basic digital skills and in-work apprenticeships to executive training and formal education; the digital skills gap is recognised as holding back UK plc. Nearly one in four of us have not kept pace and lack the basic digital skills to manage core tasks such as managing information, communicating online or making a transaction. Supporting the development of these skills is an issue for employers, educators and government if we are to fulfil our potential as one of the most digitally competitive nations.

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Supporting children in a changing world

January 2018

Life in Likes, the recent report from the Children’s Commissioner on social media use by 8-12 year olds, injected some much needed realism and insight into the debate about children’s adoption of technology. Social media sites’ terms and conditions may say they restrict users to […]

Empowerment is the key to a connected society

January 2018

It’s not just technology that will determine our digital future – the ethical, social and political decisions taken now will have an impact on all of us. Our increasingly digitised, disruptive and globalised world is transforming the way we live, work and play in exciting […]

Innovation and creativity on display at #HackTheNorth

December 2017

I’m Dan Tanham, a Deputy Director at DWP Digital. Two weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting our #HackTheNorth event in Manchester. The aim of the hack was to come up with solutions to help address the unemployment challenges in the city. And although […]

Confidently adopting agile

December 2017

Building confidence and understanding agile increases your chances of successfully implementing and realising the benefits; it’s easier than you might think! Recently, I read a great blog on Hackernoon that articulates beautifully the frequently-expressed moan that agile doesn’t work, that it’s not a silver bullet. […]

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