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Prison Technology

Technology in prisons has the possibility to digitally transform the prison service and prisoner outcomes as well as driving efficiencies across the whole service. Technology has so far been introduced into private sector run prisons and immigration centres, and also into three public run prisons. Research published this year by York University has provided insights into the benefits to both the prison service to reduce administration time and cost and the potential to reduce re-offending rates.

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Government as a public service

August 2017

What is public service work worth in the grander scheme of things? In the grander scheme of things, what is our work worth? What is its value to the world? We can attempt to measure costs and perceived benefit to an organisation and to customers. […]

Families of prisoners want “In”

August 2017

A survey before and after the vote shows drastic shift in opinions towards Brexit Unilink – a world leader in prisoners self-service and offender management asked the users about their view on Brexit before and after the vote 42% of the surveyed declared that they […]

The power of communication behind bars

July 2017

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Technology Change in Prisons

June 2017

Change in business processes is never easy yet in prison establishments it presents particular challenges.  Prisons are tough environments where technology has often failed to contribute anticipated gains, but why? For obvious reasons most of us are not familiar with prison environments, but as a […]

More Technology in Prisons will ensure better outcomes for all

May 2017

UK Prisons are hardly out of the news these days: whether it’s a new TV program or an EU report on prison conditions.  The justice sector has been working hard to face up to multiple legacy challenges and make prisons more rehabilitative, educative and purposeful. […]

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