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Technology for the many

October 2018

The chief characteristic of today’s world is the scope, scale and speed of change; especially technological change. Everybody knows this. We experience it in our daily lives. It is changing the way we live, whether at home, at leisure, at work or play, and in […]

Man operating drone following regulation
Digital regulation should anticipate change

September 2018

Existing models of regulation are too slow and unresponsive to cope with the fast-changing world of digital innovation. Geoff Mulgan argues that forward-thinking regulators need to change by focusing more on outcomes than process and by adopting some of the strategies used by entrepreneurs and […]

Building a competitive, ethical AI economy

August 2018

Earlier this month Sage published its position paper, Building a Competitive, Ethical AI Economy, outlining the key steps for government and businesses to put ethical AI principles into practice to benefit industry, government and society.  The paper was compiled with participation from government representatives and global businesses, including […]

Houses of Parliament, UK Government
Government must be brave on future skills

August 2018

Research by innovation foundation Nesta has shown that not all digital skills are equally ‘future-proof’. Knowing this, what should government, educators and employers do to give the workforce the right skills for 2030? The narrative around the future of work can make people feel powerless. […]

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