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Houses of Parliament, UK Government
Government must be brave on future skills

August 2018

Research by innovation foundation Nesta has shown that not all digital skills are equally ‘future-proof’. Knowing this, what should government, educators and employers do to give the workforce the right skills for 2030? The narrative around the future of work can make people feel powerless. […]

4 people in a line using their phones on social media platforms
Platforms need fewer controls not more

August 2018

Rising fears about monopoly power have led many to call for regulation. But, far from regulating more, argues Rufus Pollock, we need to make the big tech platforms more open like the internet itself. Google’s recent record €4.3 billion (£3.9 billion) fineis the latest action in a […]

Someone holding a newspaper at arms length and reading the news
How can we ensure truthfulness, online and off?

July 2018

As Ofcom CEO Sharon White correctly points out in her Times article last week, social media is driving rapid change in the way people access and consume news. It has enabled people to access more diverse sources of information and has facilitated the growth of whole […]

Malcolm Turnbull and Theresa May
Doing digital ‘Down Under’

July 2018

The past few weeks has seen the long awaited start of EU trade negotiations with both Australia and New Zealand. Free-trading, advanced economies, the have both been notable omissions from the EU’s treaty collection, lacking either talks or a signed trade deal. Given the length of time […]

Theresa May at the Race Disparity Audit
Ethnicity facts and figures – Publish data with the users in mind

June 2018

The Race Disparity Unit, Cabinet Office, have been announced as a finalist in the DL100 Digital Team of the Year category for 2018. The Race Disparity Unit was formed from 3, starkly different disciplines: Data Analysis, Policy, and Digital. Against a backdrop of intense scrutiny, […]

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