We are investigating the potential for HealthTech to improve our patient outcomes, drive efficiency and deliver medical breakthroughs. With smartphone cameras being heart rate monitors, and contact lenses measuring blood sugar levels we are moving into an era when we can all collect physiological data about ourselves.

Increasingly cross-sector collaboration, innovation, big data and the possibilities of AI mean we are at a transformational moment for dealing with our Health. It is crucial that our leaders gain the skills and capabilities necessary to understand HealthTech and build new technologies. If HealthTech is driven only by an enthusiastic digital team, it will fail.

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Calei Smith
Hack the North 4.0 is back 

October 2019

Hack the North 4.0 is back! Looking ahead to Hack the North 4.0 taking place 21 – 22 November, I wanted to reflect back on what I enjoyed about Hack the North 3.0 and why you should sign up! The first time I went, I knew […]

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A helping hand, World Mental Health Day

October 2019

In an ideal world, all workforces would be happy and inclusive. However, the 2019 Mental Health at Work report from Mercer Marsh Benefits and Business in the Community reveals that “minority stress” is rampant across the UK. The same report found that 62% of managers admit to […]

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NHS Digital’s Citizen Identity – the evolution of username password security

October 2019

How do we give the public secure access to their healthcare data and NHS services? Fingerprints, biometrics, retinal scanning, voice recognition and facial mapping – likeness, liveness, authentication and verification. Gaining access to your personal stuff, whether it be your cash, shopping app of choice or […]

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Widening digital inclusion

October 2019

In partnership with Good Things Foundation, we have been researching, developing and testing new ways to support the most excluded in society to access and use digital health services and tools as part of the Widening Digital Participation Programme. Our goal over the past couple of years was […]

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How to work with innovation in digital mental health

September 2019

Any healthcare administrator in a rural area faces many challenges when it comes to providing the kind of services that meet the needs of patients. Many mental health clients face various roadblocks to obtaining healthcare that works for them: Lack of Education Regarding Mental Health […]

How much is AI really moving the needle on health?

September 2019

When it comes to health and wellness, most people have a similar goal: we want to live a healthier, longer, and happier life. Thanks to antibiotics, vaccines, medical imaging, and other technological breakthroughs, we’ve already made major strides. So it’s perhaps no surprise that all eyes are now […]

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