We are investigating the potential for HealthTech to improve our patient outcomes, drive efficiency and deliver medical breakthroughs. With smartphone cameras being heart rate monitors, and contact lenses measuring blood sugar levels we are moving into an era when we can all collect physiological data about ourselves.

Increasingly cross-sector collaboration, innovation, big data and the possibilities of AI mean we are at a transformational moment for dealing with our Health. It is crucial that our leaders gain the skills and capabilities necessary to understand HealthTech and build new technologies. If HealthTech is driven only by an enthusiastic digital team, it will fail.

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Elizabeth Vaga
Informed Solutions recognised as a great inspiration

September 2021

Manchester Wednesday 1 July 2020: Informed Solutions has received national recognition for its response to the Coronavirus pandemic by being named as one of the faces of the UK government’s “GREAT Inspirations” campaign launched today. Manchester Wednesday 1 July 2020: Informed Solutions has received national recognition […]

young lady and elderly using a mobile phone
Resilience in an Uncertain World: A role for digital?

August 2021

What is going to happen? I work with people who are affected by dementia and as a result have been exploring life with uncertainty for many years. The pandemic, our needs and responses have many correlations with the experience of dementia, uncertainty, and ambiguous loss. […]

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Suspended outside of the Web

August 2021

Weaving the web: During the past 18 months researchers at the University of York (in collaboration with Good Things Foundation and University of Leeds) have had the privilege of speaking to people diagnosed with severe mental ill health (SMI), including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar […]

NHS lab
The NHS needs to push harder on digital transformation

May 2021

Digital transformation was at the top of the NHS agenda for this decade – one that has been accelerated by the plethora of digitally enabled ways of working during the pandemic.  While the last year has undoubtedly heralded the spring shoots of transformation, there is […]

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Overcoming digital barriers in the nursing profession

April 2021

At the time, all nursing documentation was done on paper. We used whiteboards and clipboards to document our patient’s status and manage patient flow around the hospital. It was incredibly time-consuming, walking around the wards making notes and compiling bed occupancy. Not having real-time data […]

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