We are investigating the potential for HealthTech to improve our patient outcomes, drive efficiency and deliver medical breakthroughs. With smartphone cameras being heart rate monitors, and contact lenses measuring blood sugar levels we are moving into an era when we can all collect physiological data about ourselves.

Increasingly cross-sector collaboration, innovation, big data and the possibilities of AI mean we are at a transformational moment for dealing with our Health. It is crucial that our leaders gain the skills and capabilities necessary to understand HealthTech and build new technologies. If HealthTech is driven only by an enthusiastic digital team, it will fail.

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April 2020

Long before the global Coronavirus pandemic disrupted life as we know it, digital health was on the ascent, enabled by innovations in IoT-connected medical devices. In 2019, one in four physicians utilised remote care tools – nearly twice the share who were doing so in 2016, according […]

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April 2020

In my last post I shared some examples of the support we offer to our colleagues to protect their mental, physical and financial wellbeing. As a global business it’s really important that our health and wellbeing strategy remains inclusive and addresses the varied and ever […]

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Those in the technology sector should be feeling that the time has come when they will see mass adoption of technology and digital behaviours. Out of necessity for sure, rather than choice, but it will transform our use of digital forever.  In return for this […]

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March 2020

Developers of smart speaker systems for healthcare consumers must address challenges like AI bias and human-centered application design. “I was so tired, I started talking to Alexa.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people refer to Alexa as something more than a […]

doctor using computer
Data saves lives

March 2020

For the past three years, I have split my week between seeing patients as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and working as the senior clinical lead for data at NHS Digital. This has given me a unique perspective on how two fantastic teams help patients. I […]

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