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Digital Health

If we are to embrace the potential for digital transformation to improve our health outcomes, drive efficiency, medical break throughs and shift power to patients, we need to be willing and able to harness the potential of transformational technology. Increasingly cross-sector collaboration and new health technology, such as wearable monitors, are essential to increase take-up of new digital innovations which support prevention a well as management of the UK population’s health and care.

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Blockchain and Healthcare
How blockchain technology will revolutionise healthcare

April 2018

Blockchain technology has been at the center of media attention, largely because of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, however, not many people actually understand what a blockchain is. To put it simple, blockchains are distributed systems, recording and storing transactions on a decentralised digital ledger. Transaction […]

Doctor using tablet
The cybersecurity challenge for the NHS

March 2018

Since the late 1960s, viewers of late-night news on US television have been asked a sombre question: “It’s 10pm. Do you know where your children are?” An edited version of this poster is perhaps currently appropriate for NHS organisations. “It’s 2018. Do you know where […]

Social Care
Solving Real-World Social Problems in a Laboratory

March 2018

This blog was co-written with Idan Papier, Director at Innovation & New Shiny Things, CDI-Negev. Our basic philosophy is that to solve social challenges, you need a comprehensive system-wide understanding of them first. That should sound obvious. But when policymakers or entrepreneurs try to address these problems, […]

Working together for a digital future

February 2018

Approximately 3 mins read Information and technology offers us a chance to not only meet the increased demand set out in the Five Year Forward View, but provide our patients with higher quality care and services which are quicker and more convenient to access. The patient-facing […]

Bill Mew, UK Cloud
Five golden rules for responsible cloud adoption in the NHS

January 2018

As NHS Digital endorses placing health data in the public cloud, we ask what responsible cloud use looks like in the NHS. For some time we have been calling on the NHS to move to the cloud as a cheaper, more secure alternative to on […]

Using technology to reduce winter pressures on the NHS

December 2017

There are no certainties in life, the saying goes, other than death and taxes. But in the NHS, there’s perhaps one more item that can be added to the list: come winter, things are going to get really very tricky. Each and every time the […]

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