We are investigating the potential for HealthTech to improve our patient outcomes, drive efficiency and deliver medical breakthroughs. With smartphone cameras being heart rate monitors, and contact lenses measuring blood sugar levels we are moving into an era when we can all collect physiological data about ourselves.

Increasingly cross-sector collaboration, innovation, big data and the possibilities of AI mean we are at transformational moment for Health. But our leaders need the skills and capability to understand HealthTech to build this technology. Because if HealthTech is driven only by an enthusiastic digital team, it will fail.

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Elizabeth Vega
NHS Improvement on digital patient safety incident management system

November 2018

The NHS is facing unprecedented challenges. To meet increasing pressures, they must make better use of technology and unlock the potential of analytics and AI. Their current systems generate over two million reports a year, yet only a small percentage of these can be fully […]

Matt Hancock and Russell Haworth at the Digital Leaders Week launch 2018
How data can make a difference

October 2018

The health tech revolution is coming. Imagine a world where compatible, integrated, cutting edge technologies allow paramedics to access full patient records on route to emergency calls. Imagine them arriving knowing as much as they can and time saved in diagnosis, initial treatment and onward transport to […]

Doctor using a computer to access data for healthcare
How to use data to underpin ever-more-personalised healthcare

September 2018

As health providers seek to achieve ever-better outcomes, care is becoming increasingly tailored to the individual. Advances in technology mean we can continually improve our understanding of our bodies and lifestyles, leading to ever-more-personalised health services. Tailored care is important, because one size doesn’t fit […]

Doctor using a tablet to update the cloud healthcare software data
NHS needs to accelerate its move to the Cloud without neglecting Data Sovereignty

August 2018

Action needs to be taken to accelerate the NHS’s migration to the cloud in order to enhance collaboration, increase efficiency and improve security, while remaining sensitive to patients’ concerns about storing data abroad or with foreign service providers. The recent dramatic fall in Facebook’s share […]

Doctors and nurses gather in a meeting about digital health
Hancock’s move good for digital health

July 2018

Matt Hancock’s shuffle out of digital into health caused disappointment in some quarters as another minister getting to grips with his brief moves on. But with the man charged with running the NHS a tech evangelist, could we now witness digital delivering real impact at […]

AV1 No Isolation robot in a classroom
Are robots the future of education?

June 2018

As much as you may have concerns about robots and the way we could be interacting with them in the future, it’s important to consider how AI and robotics can and do benefit the education of current and future generations. Already robots are being used to help […]

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