It is estimated that up to 20% of the population has an impairment of some kind and that they have a spending power of over £240bn. As well as being a legal requirement, putting inclusive design at the heart of your digital projects delivers services and products that can be used by every customer on every platform. That brings real business benefits by improving usability, engagement and reach. The best approach is include accessibility and usability at the start of every project, working with designers and developers to embed best practice and giving them the confidence to build solutions that work better for every user.

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people using smart glasses for the launch of an automated captioning service aimed at the millions of people suffering from hearing loss.
Top tech innovations driving accessibility in 2019

January 2019

Last month, AbilityNet hosted the TechShare Pro event in Canary Wharf, sponsored by Google. We learned more about some much-awaited and innovative accessible tech. In no particular order, here’s 14 fabulous assistive and accessible ideas to watch in 2019. 1 Talking Birds Difference Engine For people who […]

Hands typing on computer
The easiest solution to website inaccessibility

January 2019

We audit a lot of inaccessible websites. Many are created by FTSE 100 companies. They are often asset-rich and committed to accessibility. This begs the question: why are the websites inaccessible? The web standards provide the tools for creating high-functioning, accessible websites. It is true […]

man using laptop
Two steps to ensuring usability for every user

November 2018

Making sure your websites and mobile apps are usable by the broadest possible audience is essential to ensure that your product is truly competitive. Real-life usability for users regardless of impairment or environment takes two distinct steps. Step 1: Technical compliance The first step to […]

two hand signing
Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising sign language

November 2018

Using machine learning to recognise the delicate nuances of British Sign Language (BSL) isn’t easy, but now the University of Surrey is hard at work cracking the challenge with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. BSL in a nutshell For anyone who […]

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