It is estimated that up to 20% of the population has an impairment of some kind and that they have a spending power of over £240bn. As well as being a legal requirement, putting inclusive design at the heart of your digital projects delivers services and products that can be used by every customer on every platform. That brings real business benefits by improving usability, engagement and reach. The best approach is include accessibility and usability at the start of every project, working with designers and developers to embed best practice and giving them the confidence to build solutions that work better for every user.

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Woman using Laptop
Performance measurement: Not just an afterthought

July 2021

Head of Digital Performance Analytics Gemma Elsworth from DWP Digital shares why it’s important to build a culture of performance measurement.  Throughout my career, one saying that has always rung true is this: “Data and measurement is not important, until it is.” What this has […]

What works to boost diversity in entrepreneurship?

June 2021

Women and minority ethnic entrepreneurs combined contribute around £130 billion to the UK economy. Despite their sizeable economic – and social – contribution, women and minority ethnic founders still face disproportionate barriers when it comes to starting and growing a business. They experience worse access to finance, are less likely to […]

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The NHS needs to push harder on digital transformation

May 2021

Digital transformation was at the top of the NHS agenda for this decade – one that has been accelerated by the plethora of digitally enabled ways of working during the pandemic.  While the last year has undoubtedly heralded the spring shoots of transformation, there is […]

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Another great year for women in STEM

May 2021

It’s been an inspiring year for women in STEM. Kate Bigham, chair of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce, alongside her team developed what has been one of the world’s most impressive deployment strategies. She studied biochemistry at university and has worked as a venture capitalist for many years, bringing a science background and business […]

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