It is estimated that up to 20% of the population has an impairment of some kind and that they have a spending power of over £240bn. As well as being a legal requirement, putting inclusive design at the heart of your digital projects delivers services and products that can be used by every customer on every platform. That brings real business benefits by improving usability, engagement and reach. The best approach is include accessibility and usability at the start of every project, working with designers and developers to embed best practice and giving them the confidence to build solutions that work better for every user.

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Communicating clearly

March 2020

This blog post is about communicating at a difficult time. You’ll note that I am not using the cor-word, the pan-word, or the abbreviation with 19 in it. This is because I want to keep this post out of search results. I don’t want people […]

It’s time for a Virtual Summit

March 2020

These days we value our online content as much as our face to face events. Since as far back as 2016, we have been experimenting with virtual formats and we now have two that we think work well. In terms of audience, our growing subscriber […]

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Bridging the gap between citizens and their city

December 2019

Local authorities run the risk of letting down citizens that depend on them if they fail to respond to consumer appetites for digitisation of basic services. Earlier this year, citizen engagement startup (and GovStart 2018 participant) Novoville issued a survey, with the purpose of identifying citizens perceptions […]

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Making content accessible

December 2019

Accessible content is important. There are around 14 million disabled people in the UK. This number doesn’t include temporary or undiagnosed disabilities. These people are on the internet, they have rights and they are not being served by many public and private institutions. So how […]

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Widening digital inclusion

October 2019

In partnership with Good Things Foundation, we have been researching, developing and testing new ways to support the most excluded in society to access and use digital health services and tools as part of the Widening Digital Participation Programme. Our goal over the past couple of years was […]

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