It is estimated that up to 20% of the population has an impairment of some kind and that they have a spending power of over £240bn. As well as being a legal requirement, putting inclusive design at the heart of your digital projects delivers services and products that can be used by every customer on every platform. That brings real business benefits by improving usability, engagement and reach. The best approach is include accessibility and usability at the start of every project, working with designers and developers to embed best practice and giving them the confidence to build solutions that work better for every user.

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Covid-19 has impacted businesses across all industry sectors, with the West Midlands’ regional economy shrinking by 9% in 2020. The financial recovery to pre-pandemic levels is expected to be slow, especially while lingering market uncertainty remains.  Although there’s no silver bullet for solving this issue, […]

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The World Bank’s Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative announced that one billion people did not have official proof of identity (ID) as of 2018. Without a recognized ID, it is difficult to enroll in school, open a bank account, obtain a mobile phone, claim pensions, access healthcare, […]

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