Building a Post-Pandemic Organisation Conference

23 March @ 10:00 am - 3:30 pm, #DigiLounge


About this Event

In December, Deloitte reported that 61% of 3,600 executives surveyed in 96 countries are focused on transforming the workplace, double pre-pandemic levels. Specifically, leaders are shifting away from priorities like optimizing automation toward building a workplace around the strengths of human resources and a renewed emphasis on work-life balance — growing demand of employees.

2020 is the year leadership got more personal, more compassionate, more human. With everyone’s lives turned upside-down, CEOs have had little choice but to shake up the work environment.

Without doubt leaders and organisations have demonstrated many skills in navigating the challenges of the Covid pandemic. But as we now turn to what comes next holds what will the future organisation look like after Covid.

In this major leadership event brought to you in partnership with the Disruptive Innovators Network, we will explore and debate specific aspects of what a “post-pandemic organisation” could look like.

We will do this by focussing on some core areas including:

  • People and culture – How this will need to change and what will leaders have to invest in to get this right for their business.
  • Future of the office – Is the death of the office exaggerated? How can leaders build an organisation for the hub, home and roam workforce?
  • Purpose – Covid has shone a light on organisational baggage (processes and services which do not contribute to wider societal value) so how can we build back organisations in such a way they can balance shareholder and social demands?
  • The future for customer expectations – One of the biggest areas of exposure for organisations is those businesses who have managed to rapidly adapt their operations for a new world. So what do we need to do to ensure we meet and exceed post covid expectations?
  • Digital transformation – Another area where covid has exposed organisations who haven’t invested in making digital-first a priority. So if we now have another chance to digitally transform what is it going to take and how can we scale up it’s adoption?
  • Leadership – Finally what are our future leaders going to look like? What are the skills we are going to have to leave behind and what are the new ones we are going to have to invest in?

The Conference will be Chaired by Ian Wright, CEO, Disruptive Innovators Network

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest or responsibility for leading or setting their organisational strategy in 2021 and beyond will benefit from attending this event including CEOs, Executive Directors, CIOs, Board members, Service Directors and Transformation and Innovation leads.

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