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Social Care

Social care faces a technological challenge, to bring the delivery of care and support into the digital age. Leaders within social care must lead this revolution, to combine the brilliance of invention with the knowledge of those who understand social care and the people it supports.

With 1.48 million people working in Social Care spread across 18,000 organisations , this is a huge challenge. From technology enabled support to on line medication recording, the possibilities are huge and will require cross party collaboration to succeed.

Reducing budgets, an ageing population and new waves of legislation have put one particular area of public services at a crossroads; social care. What people want from social care services is changing. Many are seeking less fragmented, more personal provision, with convenient digital access to services. In response to these emerging requirements, innovative ways to transform care services are needed.

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Adult and social care activity currently accounts for two thirds of council budgets. Following the implementation of the Care Act, local authorities are once again turning their attention to the provision of adult and children social care services and looking for innovative and creative ways of working. We are pleased to be supporting the Digital Leaders Social Care topic, which we believe to be an area of growing importance as citizens seek to understand how they can fulfil and manage their social care needs online.

Nigel Muirhead, Director at Agilisys

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