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Smart Cities

The smart city revolution is underway. Greater advances in technology, such as the expansion of the Internet of Things, are enabling cities to make important progress on open data, delivering innovation, and enhancing lives of citizens.

Technologies have the wide ranging potential of boosting productivity, delivering better public services, improving urban planning, making transport more efficient, reducing energy needs and protecting citizens. How we harness the best global breakthroughs to deliver the targeted services citizens are coming to expect is crucial to our urban development.

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smart cities
Smart cities need smart thinking

September 2016

Our cities are home to millions of people and are places where incredible innovation and creativity can thrive. To make the most of this opportunity, and to maximise the benefits for residents and local businesses, cities have to be ready to embrace the digital world. […]

Enhancing the lives of residents through data

June 2016

Wigan Council in Greater Manchester is utilising its digital interactions and data to transform its relationship with its residents and communities. The Council, recently named the Local Government Chronicle’s ‘Digital Council of the Year’, has a wide-ranging digital strategy to drive behaviour change. In this post […]

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Meet the DL Local Champions 2016

May 2016

Digital Leaders is proud to introduce the regional DL Local Champions for 2016, who have been nominated by each of 12 DL Local Programmes to celebrate their positive impact of an individual on a digital landscape in the region. From rural inclusion to digital transformation of […]

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