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Digital Health

If we are to embrace the potential for digital transformation to improve our health outcomes, drive efficiency, medical break throughs and shift power to patients, we need to be willing and able to harness the potential of transformational technology. Increasingly cross-sector collaboration and new health technology, such as wearable monitors, are essential to increase take-up of new digital innovations which support prevention a well as management of the UK population’s health and care.

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Digital Transformation in Social Care

January 2017

The challenges of social care is in the news almost daily at present. Reducing budgets, an ageing population and an NHS free at the point of delivery that is struggling to integrate with the means tested local authority funded services. But what can technology and a […]

Opening up the Assembly…

January 2017

In September, it will be twenty years since the people of Wales voted, by a small majority, to have their own National Assembly. It’s the only political institution the people of Wales have voted to have. Since it came into being in 1999, the Assembly […]

Moving to a Digital World

November 2016

There are a lot of discussions and conversations taking place around enabling organisations to become digital.  It’s seen as an effective way to meet increased cost pressures, a desire to become more efficient and to assist in improving the quality of products and services.  What […]

Why do we need more women in Tech?

October 2016

If we need more women in tech now, we will certainly need more women in tech in the future. According to recent analysis by Tech City UK and innovation charity Nesta, the UK’s digital tech industries grew 32% faster than the rest of the UK […]

Scottish Government CivTech® pilot 2016 After CivTech
SMEs and Public Sector ICT Procurement

October 2016

Its Scotsoft season and I’ve been asked to speak at the DigiLeaders SME Salon about Public Sector ICT procurement. My views on procurement have been formed from a few viewpoints: As Microsoft Corp’s link man to local SME ICT firms keen to win a slice […]

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