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11 – 15 September 2017

Cyber Resilience Week saw over 40 events across the UK where digital leaders were able to learn, share and connect to find out the latest initiatives, intelligence and case studies required to take informed action.

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 AXELOS RESILIA are working with Digital Leaders to provide the guidance, awareness, skills and confidence all your people need to protect the information that’s most precious and valuable to you.

Digital Resilience Advisory Board

Prof. Adam Beaumont


Lesley Cowley, OBE


Ian Davies

The BMT Group

Vicki Gavin

The Economist Group

Peter Hepworth


Richard Knowlton

Richard Knowlton Associates

John McKinley

Caldwell Capital

Louisa-Jayne O’Neill

Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC)

Nick Wilding


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“I told you so.”

September 2017

‘Reverse Chronology’ within film making is a method of story-telling whereby the plot is revealed in reverse order. What’s this to do with Cyber Security or eCommerce, I can hear you ask already? Nothing really but let’s start at 1030am on Monday morning, you have […]

Digital identities: taking back what is rightfully ours

September 2017

Something strange is happening online. For the first time in the history of the internet, we, its worshippers, are rallying against it. For as long as many of the internet’s most avid users have been alive, we’ve been peppering our personal information across the web […]

A new approach to Cyber Security and Corporate Governance

September 2017

Now that the business world’s attention has been grabbed by recent cyber security breaches such as those endured by TalkTalk, the NHS, the UK Parliament and further afield Equifax, it’s a good time to think about how we can move the business world onto a […]

How to avoid email scams and cybercrime

September 2017

With official figures showing that fraud and cybercrime are now the most common criminal offences1 in the UK, Equiniti’s cybercrime experts reveal their top tips to avoid falling prey to fraudulent emails. It is 25 years since the first email was sent and in that […]

Cyber Security Checklist: The Top 10

September 2017

If cyber security isn’t among your organisation’s biggest concerns, you haven’t been paying attention. Just last week, personal data belonging to 44 million British citizens was stolen in a hack on US credit rating firm Equifax. Second-hand electronics retailer CeX lost two million customers’ data […]

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